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Message from Director Schools - I Congratulate The Spirit School Management and Students on showing remarkable result in the Matric 2015 exams. Keep The Spirit High.
About schools

The Spirit School is an academic institution established to meet the sky scraping educational challenges of the new millennium with its cutting edge and innovative educational programme designed by a group of veteran educationists. The goal of The Spirit School is to help today’s children become truly Kids and global citizens. Its teaching methodology, addresses this rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities. 21st century skills learned through our curriculum, which is interdisciplinary, integrated, and intelligently designed, will prepare our young children to meet all modern challenges skillfully and confidently.

Our Curriculum

We offer a curriculum that is designed to provide a concrete foundation for the crucial early years of a child's life as he/she prepares for school. The curriculum is based on active forms of learning stimulating a curious mind to be enable to discover a new world. We believe in learning that is experiential (learning-by-doing) rather than learning that is based exclusively on books. Our pre-school provides an environment where teachers establish individual bonds with young students; activities are designed to engage young minds to create a culture that facilitates learning, while providing an environment for skills and social development.

Visual Learning

The distinctive and most innovative feature of our educational programme is the introduction of visual learning at school level within an affordable fee packages for the first time in Pakistan. The facilities of education technology will enhance the effectiveness of our teaching programme by teaching academic concepts through visuals. This multimedia teaching technology will certainly prove a catalyst in introducing a new era of 21st century education rarely experienced before.

Learning Styles & Intelligence Types

Another milestone in our educational programme is the introduction of curriculum and teaching techniques in a way that conforms to the various learning styles and intelligence types of our students. Learning at The Spirit School is no more reading and writing only. It is much much more. And intelligence for us is not merely evident through reading and writing; it is much more than these two indicators.

Development of a Well-rounded Personality

The educational programme at The Spirit School recognizes that children's cognitive development is dependent on an enabling social and ethical environment at the school. Efficient learning can only occur when the child is taught a wide range of cognitive skills needed to navigate the various stages of the learning process, including grasping information, analyzing its implication, exploring its value and applying it.

Development of these skills requires the child to feel accepted, protected and respected as well as feel a sense of belonging within the learning environment. This social environment can be fostered by nurturing children's ethical development through creating compassionate relationships, mentoring children, providing a structured environment and demonstrating clear standards by which everyone operates within that environment. It is the collaborative influence of all these factors that produces creative thinkers and imaginative problem-solvers and excites learners to become even more resourceful so that they will continue to learn outside the formal school day.